The workshop of Tico Top is located in the north of the Netherlands. A workplace fully equipped with all the necessary tools and materials regarding wood. From Oak to pitch pine, Cherry to Rose Wood. Besides modern machines, authentic tools like chisels, gouges, and planes are used for the finest woodcarving.

Woodcarving is the speciality of Tico Top, all kinds of woodcarving you can think of. For instance renovation of monumental ornaments, claws of a tall case clock, a figurehead of a ship, a fanlight above the door in a modern and classy new house or restoration of a crown on the top of an antique cabinet.

The woodcarving mostly takes place according to original designs en styles, but also your own or Tico Top designs are possible.

Tico Top also carries out sculpture, marquetery, veneer, French polish and restores antique furniture.

This site provides a lot of pictures. Some show the end result but there are also series of photos to give insight from the beginning to the end result. For instance sewing machine and restoration of a church interior in Zuidbroek. To enlarge the picture and open a gallery just single click a picture.